As if it s so impossible to have gays and

I get hate letters full of equal venom from both sides: from conservative Christians appalled that I would maintain a friendship with Mel and write compassionately about gays and lesbians, and from the other side wishing I would go further with a full endorsement of gay rights.

If you do not agree, that is your opinion, but you cannot offend a community of people purely because you do not agree. Some more physical than others…. It is from our fallen nature, initiated from Original Sin. We know that there were people erotically and romantically attracted to people of their own gender in the past, and we know that these people were often recognized by their peers as being interested, perhaps belonging to a set type, but we do not know how many.

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  • Openness to life welcoming the gift of children is required for a sacramentally valid marriage. Nice article, however you failed to mention the physiological compatability of opposite sexes.
  • If the latter, why? Where you put your private parts does not determine whether you are a good person.
  • But there's a certain suburb that largely boasts a population with very conservative religious values. It takes no grace to show love to someone just like me; it takes a lot of grace to show love toward someone of whom I disapprove.
As if it s so impossible to have gays and

In , the Indonesian government gave Aceh Province the right to introduce Sharia Law , albeit only to Muslim residents. I encourage everyone interested in creating these kinds of communities to go forward and to do it.

There are some LGBT people in the media, and the national government has allowed a discreet LGBT community to exist, who sometimes organises public events. Some military figures have used conspiracy theory rhetoric.

As if it s so impossible to have gays and
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