As police reports or court transcripts about the gay subculture

Archived from the original on 27 December The mantra of police officers is that there is a 'thin blue line' between Order and Chaos, meaning without the existence of a police force the general order within society would dissolve into chaos. Eine kirchengeschichtliche Studie" After giving him advice, I then saw him publicly praise the force for its gay tolerance.

At this stage, homophobia in the police went underground, and the gay community understandably became complacent.

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  • The statistics are based only on the convictions for male-to-male sexual activity and exclude bestiality convictions. Lieutenant Blick rued the difficulty of eliminating cruising from the public parks—especially the restrooms: "We have been out there, Mr.
  • Archived from the original on 2 December Others passed up opportunities for promotion, or otherwise scaled down their ambitions, for fear of attracting greater scrutiny in more prominent positions.
  • That team gathered information from federal agencies, law enforcement, judicial authorities, and the medical community. Yet this feature of the scare also meant that gay men and women remained vague specters—not real people.

This included Kazimierz Kapera, the vice-minister of health, who was recalled from this position in a phone call from Prime Minister Jan Krzysztof Bielecki in May after saying on public television that homosexuality is a deviation and a reason for the AIDS epidemic.

The trial evidence that emerges from the eighteenth-century Proceedings exposes a vibrant, even joyful, world of men who pursued both homosexual experiences and a distinct lifestyle. In addition, the committee took testimony from D. For more information on these "crimes" see Sodomy , Assault with Intent , and Extortion.

When Capt.

As police reports or court transcripts about the gay subculture
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