Billionaires have expressed their allegiance for their gay daughters and

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According to our industry categorizations, billionaires derived their wealth from finance or investments in During the same period, the median household wealth in the United States declined by 3 percent. Since June , when Trump stepped off a golden escalator at Trump Tower and announced his bid for the White House, his followers have found themselves depicted as strange exotic birds, bigoted deplorables or brainwashed members of a cult.

One of the leading funders of both church activities and the new Catholic Right groups is an organization that is as establishment as they come: The Knights of Columbus.

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Pimlico underground station is evacuated with emergency services at the scene after a person dies on the Some have two mums or two dads. The school said its No Outsiders project - which teaches tolerance of diverse groups, including those of different races, genders and sexual orientation - will not be taught 'until a resolution has been reached'.

The essence of democracy, Ms Spielman added, was that people didn't always get their own way, but accepted the majority decision. It is all fomenting an atmosphere of mistrust in this already sensitive neighbourhood, and the children, whose education is suffering, are caught in the middle.

As he and his partner make frequent trips to Sweden — and particularly enjoy attending heats of the Eurovision Song Contest there — they chose a Swedish theme for their civil partnership ceremony in

Billionaires have expressed their allegiance for their gay daughters and
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