But only if youre gay

He received a Psy. It is not necessary to broadcast who you are, and no one should make you if you find that telling everyone makes you uncomfortable. If you trust her and she really loves you, she will accept you coming out and telling her the truth. Don't judge based on how he looks, dresses, or grooms himself.

I found the supportive nature of the piece helpful to me in deconstructing my own misconceptions and internalized homophobia and biphobia. You might also want to look for language which shows a lack of interest in women or an absence of language that would normally show an interest in women.

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But only if youre gay

On top of this, public authorities have a legal duty to take action against discrimination and to actively promote equality. However, they must not do this in a way that puts you at a disadvantage compared with other pupils.

Your comfort in answering these questions will set a welcoming tone in your class and school community.

But only if youre gay
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