Condemn lesbian and gay people and to accept them as

Get it straight by: Anonymous God created the Earth with perfection, and everything was made with purpose. Notice that these men reject the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ as taught in the Bible and choose instead sexual orgies and unclean sexual activity.

God absolutely knew what he was doing when he made me a female, and therefore I know God don't make mistakes! Apr 09, Why would God allow it in a homosexual relationship? Jun 29,

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His body was gone, and only the grave clothes that he had been buried in were left. I really miss that. Because every society is based on different beliefs and value structures, homosexuality assumes different connotations worldwide, which make an universal definition impossible - as McIntosh states: "The current conceptualization of homosexuality as a condition is a false one, resulting from ethnocentric bias.

In some countries, such as the Islamic republic of Iran, there is a significant prejudice and discrimination against sexual minorities, and homosexual acts are prosecuted. In conducting her research about Muslim lesbians Siraj confirms these attitudes, even within Muslim communities of immigrants in United Kingdom: "Because they are often an invisible minority, the subject and study of lesbians lives is difficult and complex.

They compare and contrast their own with other families, and make personal, mature choices in life.

Condemn lesbian and gay people and to accept them as
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