Gay and bisexual male veteran participants reported at least one

Examination of demographic, social, and psychological patterns in the population, for example, can highlight gaps in current scientific knowledge and suggest hypotheses for empirical testing. Throughout the present article, we have noted the importance of having accurate data about gay, lesbian, and bisexual people for legal and policy debates.

Notably, gay male and lesbian respondents were much more likely to say they never used Queer as a self-descriptor Compared with the US adult population, respondents were younger, more highly educated, and less likely to be non-Hispanic White, but differences were observed between gender and sexual orientation groups on all of these variables.

Norton, Email: ude. Although it is widely recognized that the condemnation of homosexuality that characterizes many religious denominations often creates conflicts and challenges for gay, lesbian, and bisexual people, there has been relatively little examination of the role that religion plays in the lives of sexual-minority individuals Rodriguez and Ouellette

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  • The measurement of unmarried partner couples in the U. In each instance, the APA and its co-amici summarized current knowledge about an aspect of the US gay, lesbian, and bisexual population that was relevant to a question being considered by the court—respectively, how many gay men and lesbians are involved in a committed relationship, how many are parents, and how many experience their sexual orientation as a choice.
  • In: Rust PC, editor.
  • In these cases, one respondent was randomly selected from the household for inclusion in the data set, yielding a final sample of Such information will also be highly useful for informing behavioral and social science research on sexual orientation and sexual minorities in a variety of ways.

Psychological sequelae of hate-crime victimization among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults. Gates GJ. Developing a community sample of gay men for an epidemiologic study of AIDS. In part, it may simply reflect the fact that most adults are heterosexual, and thus, bisexuals have many more opportunities to form a different-sex intimate relationship than a same-sex relationship.

This study also used audio-computer-assisted interviewing for all the sensitive sex and sexual orientation questions, presumably reducing the bias in self-reporting due to fear of confidentiality breach.

Gay and bisexual male veteran participants reported at least one
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