Gay dating site too racy for Super Bowl?

CBS tells Entertainment Weekly the network has no record of such an offer. Such an ad airing during the Super Bowl would be a big coup for the site, "At no other time during the year can you reach men at the same point in time," said the rep. Cancel anytime. So perhaps the controversy will make the commercial more ubiquitous than a Super Bowl showing would.

On the other side, you have a Canadian gay dating site.

Willits Free Gay Dating

Get over yourselves you buncha divas. The people that control the US media are pure evil and will be primarily responcible for our countrys ultimate demise. This is descrimination, no doubt about it. After his friend decides he too wants in on the snack, the two accidentally end up kissing Lady and the Tramp-style.

Gay dating site too racy for Super Bowl?
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