Gay or lesbian intended parents will need to seek the

All prospective intended parents should work closely with an experienced surrogacy professional and attorney familiar with state surrogacy laws to navigate the legal process. It offers an in-depth discussion of the range of issues this group of families faces, including the intricacies of defining the family structure, understanding the legal ramifications, the methods and implications of various adoption, surrogacy, and donor insemination routes, as well as dealing with children's questions and concerns and functioning in the larger world.

Barring custody problems, however, it is generally advisable to help move a family toward full disclosure as soon as possible. How and where to identify a suitable third-party health-care provider should be addressed. It teaches them to expect respectful treatment and to trust their own ability to cope with someone who is negative.

Sociologically speaking, however, she is not a sibling in Joshua's family. The situation is especially serious when a gay or lesbian couple with children separates.

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Get in touch with us. Many clinics also use language in their explanations of surrogacy that locate it as an arrangement exclusive to heterosexual couples. University of California Press; Oakland: Perhaps not surprisingly, California leads the nation in the numbers of clinics and surrogacy agencies actively recruiting gay men.

Gay or lesbian intended parents will need to seek the
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