Gay want to launch ddos

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  • Gabriella Coleman has compared the group to the trickster archetype [] and said that "they dramatize the importance of anonymity and privacy in an era when both are rapidly eroding.
  • A DDoS attack is short-term and temporary. CBS News.
  • In November , the organization WikiLeaks began releasing hundreds of thousands of leaked U. Supporters have called the group "freedom fighters" [6] and digital Robin Hoods [7] while critics have described them as "a cyber lynch-mob" [8] or "cyber terrorists".
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gay want to launch ddos

The group's first attack was against Fox. Retrieved March 28, In the emails Jahanrakhshan would often offer to pay for the removal of the links and news stories before threatening the DDoS attacks, according to court documents. Silicon Alley Insider. DDoS Attacks have been happening for the past couple of years.

I did like Anonymous' real world tactics of picketing sites and putting up informational posters.

Gay want to launch ddos
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