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Muscular stud dicked deep and hard by big cocked homo. Jack downs Mark's 8' cock like it's nothing, swallowing whole in one gulp, as he tongues Mark's dick like his safety depended on it. Video provided by: NextDoorBuddies Video description: Having waited nearly 2 months just to secure a meeting with a potential investor, inventor Mark Long has his pitch and product all set for presentation, but unfortunately, his audience is a bit distracted.

Then the shirts come off and dicks harden up a bit.

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  • Armed with this new knowledge, Zane sits speechless, unsure what the next move is. Mark pulls out and blasts Zane with a hot load just as Mark's parents are pulling up.
  • Orlando's eyes light up as Mark's head nearly pokes his eye out, but he deep throats it nonetheless as Mark closes his eyes and dreams of cheap rent. Quentin Gainz likes the money but he's honestly addicted to the cock, so he pleads with Michael to see him again, but Michael tells him to honor the arrangement if he wants some face time.
  • Orlando fixes Mark with a blindfold and continues to suck him off, breaking midway through mount Mark and ride him blindfolded.
  • It doesn't hurt that Michael has a giant 9' dick to give them, as well.
  • Mark is interested in the place but seems to be a bit short on cash. Video provided by: NextDoorWorld Video description: Michael Del Ray is a discerning man of taste who understands that quality doesn't come cheap.
  • Zane sucks on the head, and can barely fit the whole thing in his mouth, deep throating Mark as he lay on the kitchen table.

Mark is unsure at first, but once Quentin shows him how it's done, Mark gives it a go and he's a natural, deep throating Michael's cock as Quentin kisses on his nipples, making his way to Michael's balls as Mark continues to lick up his shaft.

Once he's had his fill of that, Quentin is ready to cum, so Mark throws him into missionary as Quentin strokes himself clean. Mark shoots a massive load all over himself as Adam pulls out and sprays him a jizz shower that leaves Mark dirty all over again.

Watch this fan get to fulfill his wildest fantasy when Mark Long runs out of cash and tries to make it right by giving a lot more than just the tip!

GayBubble - Mark Long videos
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