Gays go to Berlin because it has lots of other

There's a certain amount of horror to the whole thing, because it seems so tawdry and inappropriate. Learn how your comment data is processed. When I was 24, I wasn't really into getting super serious and probably would have run from what you described too, but I don't think that makes someone a slut either and who cares if they are for that matter.

When Christopher Isherwood, that gay icon from Britain who made Berlin his home in the s, wrote about Berlin, he captured the free-spirited culture that made the city so liberal and open in-between the world wars. A lot depends on who you are, what you want and what your expectations are.

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  • Irrenhouse The name means 'insane asylum', and that's no joke. BEACHY: The figure that most scholars cite now is something like 50, imprisoned either in work camps, concentration camps, in some cases also in death camps, and then a kind of fatality rate of five to 15,
  • CockTail d'Amore www. It also has some very minor political content so it was banned pretty quickly by the Nazis after
  • And I actually met a really nice guy at Berghain one of the few times I went OK it was more like 3am! Ashbel: Wherever we went.
  • The photos are great and made me laugh.
Gays go to Berlin because it has lots of other

After the Nazi Party seized power in , Berlin's Institute for Sexual Science was looted, its library burned and staff persecuted. So do you find that funny? So this was a phenomenon in Berlin already before the First World War, and it continued then into the '20s and early '30s.

So virility really in the sense of, you know, making babies - that was, for the Nazis, the most important thing I think. It was founded in and is now the world's largest institution for the queer community. In , it results in a registered partnership, before the right to marry is finally extended to same-sex couples in

Gays go to Berlin because it has lots of other
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