Interviews with gay and bisexual men

Busby H. During each visit, the fieldworkers approached every man in the venue to describe the research and, if they identified as men who have sex with men, invited them to participate in a telephone interview.

Blood, urine, semen and bowel tissue were commonly identified as sensitive, and saliva donation as relatively straightforward, echoing literature suggesting that saliva is largely a simple and non-invasive form of research data [ 24 , 34 , 35 ], particularly among male participants [ 36 ], and a more convenient diagnostic fluid than blood or urine [ 24 , 37 ].

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  • This may give clinicians a better sense of potential sources. Review, 17 , —
  • The perceptions of our participants reveal that CBS would be well positioned to more clearly explain the practice of blood screening including why they cannot simply use more sensitive HIV tests and screen all the blood. Journal of Bisexuality, 6 , 13—
  • This practice, however, can.
  • Lesbians and their sisters as a. To effectively practice and utilize the SBIRT model with members of the transgender community, it is essential that social workers understand affirming methods and standards of care.
  • As well as reviewing and synthesizing current scholarly work, the chapter offers insights and knowledge based on the authors' extensive clinical experience working with trans people, their partners, and their families. These opinions were closely connected to reflections on how screening and deferral practices should instead take into consideration a more sophisticated measure of transmission factors that could be equally applied to any sexually active person regardless of sexual orientation or the gender of their partner.
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Hatzenbuehler, M. Dangerous desires and post-queer HIV prevention: rethinking community, incitement and intervention. Our work is in line with the arguments posed by Kesby et al. During the call, he hesita ntly.

Interviews with gay and bisexual men
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