Is it possible to be gay and happy

I doubt a gay teenager would have any more problems in a Tennessee school than they would anywhere else, prejudice exists everywhere, and from what I have found it tends to be aimed at a group more than it is aimed at any individual. User Name. We need more of this. Except this time, when I entered the room there was a familiarity and playfulness.

Heather Lv 4. I you want to, you can do it. Does that mean the blacks, Jews, Muslims, disabled, etc, etc are not happy?

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  • He has been trained all his life to hate himself as he was created, by people Evangelicals who refuse to understand sexuality as it really is. Archived from the original on 21 March
  • If being gay were completely genetic, then in the case of identical twins, both would be straight or gay.
Is it possible to be gay and happy

This usage could apply to women too. Bad childhoods happen to all races, religions and demographic backgrounds; why that would cause you to be "gay" escapes me My dad, wracked with guilt over how badly the therapy seemed to have affected me, was the first one to tell me to stop it and experiment with the gay world.

On top of that, the age at which you come out can play a big factor in how plain sailing it is. We are all responsible for our actions.

Is it possible to be gay and happy
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