It s a shame that the straight male and gay

Questions Gay Men Have For Straight Men

Datalounge shames gay everyday. How many times do I have to block the transcult loon? It's truly disappointing to realize that mental health professionals with advanced degrees continue to traffic in the same sort of stereotypes and biases one would expect from the uneducated, bigoted, general masses.

Considering the entrenched indoctrination of American males from birth to be straight by demonizing every single detail of what a real man should NOT be, it's encouraging to see that, little by little, the truth is being revealed.

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  • I have no interest in being penetrated or dominated. I like to be the submissive at times for dominant men.
  • I never learned whether the boy I lost my virginity to was struggling with his sexuality. Yet the massive evidence they frequently garner to support their contentions compels us to take their conclusions seriously.
  • I am not flamboyant, I don't care about competing for most masculine man status, but I have many female qualities.

But that is where the work lies. Any man, especially with some help, can learn to be aware of such feelings and to master them. I speak in generalities here; not all men or all women fit this description.

It s a shame that the straight male and gay
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