Meet gay men from Bucharest

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  • I have just returned from Bucharest and Brasov today as a gay traveller.
  • As I said, nobody wants to speak or reveal his identity. But this becomes such a minor problem when we think about Syria being governed by a man that self ruinned its country, or that till 30 years ago Roemnia was governed by one of the most satanic ditactor for more than a decade and nobody did nothing and that in two weeks maybe almost half of US citiens will vote for Donald Trump, and……and…….
  • You think being gay in Europe is difficult??
  • Galactic love in bucharest, may
Meet gay men from Bucharest

Anything like… breathing? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Not more religious that you own Catholic Spain where people are as conservative if not even worse. Yet you go to other places and gay male partners will act more hetero so as not to attract attention.

Results 1 smartree romania operator date, april 30, your. Romania is still in the dark ages and they need to come into the 21 centry, I feel very deeply for the gay people more for them than the rest of Romania people.

Meet gay men from Bucharest
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