More to a gay traveller than Colombia

Why are the Galapagos the perfect destination for traveling with your companion? Visitors may spot humpback whales tending to their young in the waves or discover scurrying crabs, and sea turtles laying their eggs on shore. Playa la Bahia?

In terms of public displays of affection, we only felt comfortable walking hand in hand in some parts of Chapinero, where most of the gay scene is located. It's not all rosy, but not as bad as one could expect either.

Bogota is where to go! There's also a cafe, restaurant and gift shop to enjoy more to a gay traveller than Colombia your exploration of the museum. Not to mention the Gay Pride Festival every June, which is massive and amazing. From my perspective - as someone who more to a gay traveller than Colombia married to a Paisa and has a very large family in Medellin - nobody is too uptight about someone being gay - even though a very Cathoic country - more of a live and let live attitude.

Very few countries in the world we've come across have this! Jonas on January 17, at pm Me gusto este aporte.

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Our friends at The Queer Scout, an excellent gay local tour company, offer a gay nightlife tour of Bogota. The main issue is that not much English is spoken in Colombia, in fact, hardly any, so basic knowledge of Spanish would be very helpful. What he loves the most about travelling is discovering the local gay scene, making new friends and learning new cultures.

We also found the staff to be very welcoming and gay-friendly here. In fact, they say they can recognize foreigners from their lousy dance moves :. There are over more to a gay traveller than Colombia of specially designated bicycle lanes.

Colombia has gay scene in any major or medium-size city and, in my opinion, one of the best in the world. You can swim in it and literally feel like you're gliding through a rainbow! JW Marriott Hotel Bogota. See something you like at a local market?

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More to a gay traveller than Colombia

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  • I have just come back from Colombia and one thing I can tell you that it is a great country for an LGBT traveller. Undiscovered too. But in general, numbers of tourists are low as Colombia still suffering from its past reputation despite currently being no more dangerous than any other Latin American state, and definitely safer than Brazil. Bogota's best gay bars, gay dance clubs, gay-rated hotels, gay saunas and cruise clubs. Exclusive reviews, maps & discounts. Travel Gay - The ultimate guide for the LGBT traveller - gay bar and club listings, hotel reviews and more. part of Personal tour guide service by a gay friendly host who is more than happy to take.
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  • I'm looking for information on the gay Colombia experience. Otherwise enjoy it - few countries in the world will offer more to a gay traveller than Colombia. This is our Colombia gay guide showing the best time of year to visit, at 2,m (8,ft) altitude, so is much cooler than most other parts of.
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  • Colombia is one of the most gay-friendly countries in Latin America. Read on Colombia is safe for LGBTQ+ travelers in one of Colombia's major cities like Bogota, Medellin, or Cartagena than in smaller, more rural towns. But as the landscape of both tourist destinations and LGBT rights have The gay scene in Colombia has historically been more underground.
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  • When you think of international gay travel destinations, Colombia probably With a capacity of up to 8, people, partying in more than Find out everything about LGBT Colombia travel and interesting places! Bogota is the gay capital of Colombia, so there had to be more than one massive​.
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  • ROMEO Travel - Gay Colombia The People of Colombia The Proud From a gay point of view, I feel more safe in Bogotá than in Amsterdam. ROMEO: What. What are the top things women traveling solo in Colombia should know, and how Bogotá is home to Theatron, the biggest gay nightclub in Latin America. It's also home to more than 70 nightclubs, 50 bars and restaurants, 11 travel agents​.
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  • Oct 31,  · Neither had we until we went to the huge Theatron gay club in Colombia's capital city, Bogota. The gay scene here is all about this infamous mega-club, which is the largest in Latin America. It's like no other place we've ever been to and is certainly the largest gay club we've visited. There is of course more to this city than Theatron club Author: Stefan Arestis. Jan 20,  · With the steady march of gay rights over the last thirty years or so, in the world in general as much as here in Colombia – where, despite the efforts of anti-gay rights campaigners it looks like same sex marriage will be more than just a theoretical possibility before too long – the gay travel industry is rapidly increasing its share of the market.
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Neonegro I have only two gay friends that I have known for more than 15 years 1083 | 1084 | 1085 | 1086 | 1087 People have been celebrating gay pride since the Stonewall riots