Most of the gay culture in Honolulu is found in

About an hours drive from Honolulu, this region has a surprisingly unpopulated feel to it. This is the spot in Honolulu to watch both sunrise and sunset. It's an especially nice place to have drinks early in the evening, perhaps before heading to dinner at one of the many dozens of restaurants nearby.

Town Restaurant Honolulu. Given how difficult the parking is here, you might want to walk from Waikiki - it's about a half-mile walk from the southeast end of Waikiki's beachfront, or a 1. A 'shocking inversion' Hawaii is one of the most geographically isolated places in the world, so it's no wonder that a distinctive culture flourished here, largely untouched by outside influences.

Paradise Pride Paradise Pride.

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  • Many consider it the one attraction on Oahu that simply mustn't be missed, and indeed, a good case could be made for this.
  • Here's a group of participants testing their look at both surfing and paddle-surfing out in the waves near the Royal Hawaiian Resort on Waikiki. Continue to 19 of 71 below.
  • I ordered mine hot habanero and was not felled by a bolt of lightening - in fact, I found the sauce pleasantly piquant but not especially hot. Continue to 40 of 71 below.
  • Visitation picks up again in summer, thanks in part to the promise of tons of sunshine without much chance of rain.
Most of the gay culture in Honolulu is found in

Ask a question or leave feedback here. Clinton, Sanders spar over specifics in Iowa. Smith Masterpiece Cakeshop v. You can also find the Marriage Project Hawaii, a group that supports the legalization of same-sex marriages in Hawaii.

Visiting the Arizona is free and involves watching an excellent short minute movie about the attack and then boarding a boat for a trip out to the memorial site built atop the sunken Arizona battleship, whose gun towers still poke out of the water.

Most of the gay culture in Honolulu is found in
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