Was criticised for stating that gay people cannot be religious

The Civil Service Commission extends spousal benefits and pensions to the partners of homosexual employees. Public Understanding of Science. Despite the passage of the law, several court rulings have protected surrogacy rights for same-sex couples. Some argue that religious violence confuses religious moral rules and behaviour with non-religious factors.

As someone who was arrested multiple times simply for advocating for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Tasmania, I have sympathy for their position. That happens only with the coalescence of a peculiar set of circumstances—political, social, and ideological—when religion becomes fused with violent expressions of social aspirations, personal pride, and movements for political change".

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The ways in which the construction of sexuality and religion mirror each other through the public—private distinction has not been lost on those commentators who argue that faith as a world view cannot reasonably be closeted. About a dozen people were reported injured. State University of New York.

Was criticised for stating that gay people cannot be religious
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