Where do gay guys in Copenhagen hang out? Quora

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Where do gay guys in Copenhagen hang out? Quora отличная

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  • I'm a gay guy in the US who will be visiting Berlin.
  • The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is Scandinavia's preeminent city. Hans Christian Andersen gave the world fairy tales and lived a bittersweet and likely bisexual life here.
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  • Copenhagen Hovedstaden cruising map with gay areas and spots where to practice cruising and to have casual NSA encounters. If you are gay and you want to practise cruising and to have casual NSA encounters in public places in Copenhagen in an anonymous way, here you can find spots such as beaches, parks, forests and other spaces next to urban areas, as well as every kind of public toilets and rest areas of highways where you can practise cruising in Copenhagen, Hovedstaden.
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Where do gay guys in Copenhagen hang out? Quora

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